What is DirtSpotter?


Reinventing How
Contractors Deal With Dirt

During construction projects, managers will have to deal with an excess or shortage of dirt. Whether building, excavating or landscaping, controlling access to, or removal of, various types and quantities of dirt, rock and clay are critical processes. DirtSpotter developed a new approach backed by sophisticated technology!

Veteran Owned

How We Started

Our founding idea started with the frustration of needing “black gold” dirt removed from a job site. After spending considerable time searching for a job that could use it, we were forced to accept that this valuable commodity would need to be dumped while paying transport and dump fees. We determined this should not be an accepted business practice. Ever!

Where We Want to Go

We soft-launched Dirt Spotter in Kansas City in 2016. During the soft-launch we made software development decisions and improvements based on feedback from our members in the field. Our software is currently capable of operating across the United States. Viability in the top 150 cities, requires awareness and visibility. We intend to make that happen for all members!

Minimizing Waste,
Environmentally Responsible.

Large quantities of earth is moved during the construction process. DirtSpotter saw an opportunity to meet a need and responsibly exchange nature’s resources to someone who could benefit from it.
DirtSpotter strives to minimize waste and maximize use of natural resources in an efficient way.

You’ve got it? They need it.
You need it? They’ve got it.


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