How Does DirtSpotter Work?

Steps to Become a Member

  • Set Up Account Information

    The account information will be used to auto populate your contact information for future listings.

  • Enter Your Company Information

    Company information will be associated with your account information to complete your profile.

  • Choose Your Plan

    Select the type of plan you need. Plans vary by the number of members you can add to access our application.

  • Add Your Payment Information

    Enter your payment information to begin your subscription. Only administrative accounts will have access to view.

Add Users to Your Team

  • Add Members from the Dashboard

    Add members to your account from your administrative account dashboard.

  • Designate an Email & Password

    Add them to your business profile simply by designating an email and a password.

  • Set Up Account

    The new user sets up the rest of their account information once they've signed in.

  • View & Post Listings

    Once a member is added, they have full access to view, find and post listings via their account.

Post Listings

  • Choose What You Have or Need

    Easily select if you have dirt, need dirt, have trucks, need trucks, dumps or quarries.

  • Customize Your Listing

    Designate the specifics of your listing by type, amount and zipcode. Determine the start and end dates of your listing.

  • Select Your Terms of Listing

    Don’t leave any details undiscussed. Determine which party will load and which party will truck. Add Proctor Reports and photos.

  • Default or Custom Contact Information

    Contact information can be auto populated from your account settings or customized for a unique job.

Search Listings

  • Choose What You Have or Need.

    Easily select if you have dirt, need dirt, have trucks, need trucks, dumps or quarries.

  • Narrow Your Results

    See all listings near you at a quick glance. Filter your results by zipcode, distance, amount and resource type.

  • Advanced Filters for Job Specifics

    Search listings by the dates you need the resource and specify which party loads and trucks.

  • Quickly View Availability & Contact.

    See the listings that match your needs, ordered by proximity. Choose your listing and contact!

Dirt & Truck Alertz

  • Know When You Have a Match

    We make it easy for users to know when they have a match with real time, Dirt & Truck Alertz.

  • Email or Text Message Notifications

    Dirt & Truck Alertz are delivered via email or text message notifications. So you never miss a match!

Edit/Repost Listings

  • Fix a Listing Error

    Accidentally publish a listing with an error? Users can easily edit current listings anytime.

  • Update Your Resource Availability

    Easily edit and update listings if your resource availability changes.

  • Save Old Listings

    When your listing end date has passed, your listing is saved in your dashboard.

  • Repost Old Listings

    If an old listing is relevant at a future date, simply repost the expired listing in your current listings section.

Need Dirt? Got Dirt?

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